It is my goal to help disabled veterans from all eras’ and branches of the U.S. military overcome parts of their service-connected disabilities, to gain a better life, both mentally and physically.  I’ve seen the benefits of the military my whole life, from a military dependent, to Active duty service both during peacetime and war, and now as a Veteran. There are so many ways our Veterans need help, and just as important, their families need help and guidance. I want to be able to reach out to the spouses and children of our service members past and present, to give them the tools to help their family achieve a better life.

Nic Meadows  

Adapt & Overcome assist Our injured Veterans to help them achieve recovery through the use of competitive activities.

 This program was founded by 2 combat veterans that saw a need to help veterans adapt to their new life and overcome any obstacles

in their way.


To keep cost as low as possible in

order to use as much funding as possible for the mission of adapt & Overcome

we rely on our Volunteers to keep

this program moving forward.

Do you miss the brotherhood/sisterhood you had in the military? Do you miss the comradery you had and seek to just find others that understand you? Join our family and remember what it feels like to have that back again.

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A Note from the Vice Chairman


The Adapt & Overcome Program is a

registered 501(3)c Non-Profit based

out of Jacksonville North Carolina